by Goliathan

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"XLVII" is the Goliathan debut.
According to the Qabala, the number "XLVII" represents 'the corpse', an absence witness of human disasters. It symbolizes the conclusion of everything and the rebirth that begins from an indecipherable afterlife.


Pasquale De Micco - vocals and bass guitar
Lorenzo Sanseverino - guitar
Alfonso De Crescenzo - guitar
Guglielmo Allegro - drums


released July 18, 2016

All music by Goliathan.
All lyrics written by Lorenzo Sanseverino and Pasquale De Micco.

Recorded and Mixed by Nico Esposito at Black Eight Studios (Naples, Italy).
Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx Studio (South San Francisco, United States).

Artwork by Luca Zolfo.
Background photo edited by Lorenzo Sanseverino.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Goliathan Naples, Italy

Goliathan is a sludge/doom metal band formed in Naples (Italy) at the beginning of MMXV.

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Track Name: Descendant
I’m the descendant of mankind
risen to unveil the truth
I ascend from the deepest seas
towards the abyss, I’m dragging you

Behind the moonlight shadows
an armless monster reveals
magmatic waves burning
the seamen’s bodies

Why can I breathe?
why can I survive?
why can’t I drawn?
why can’t I sink?

Oceanic lights, from afar
circling around a marine beast
stronger than thousand phantoms
from our adrift ships

No hope for me and all of you
only a high tide, the highest tide
I’m waiting for the darkest hours
to remove the amphora’s lid

Why can I breathe?
why can I survive?
why can’t I drawn?
why can’t I sink?
Track Name: XLVII
Dark light, fulfill my destiny
I’ve been doomed by a cursed number
I will quench my blood lust
‘cause I was born to breath, to kill

A murderous instinct flows through my veins
a bloodthirsty grin covers my face
dark skies as presage of rains
drag me into a tragic fate

Fortyseven lives I will take
fortyseven souls as sacrifice
fortyseven times I’ll wield my knife
fortyseven bodies will be the price

I need one last piece to achieve my masterpiece
fortysix were the victims of my lord’s will
I’ll come full circle with my death
tonight I will offer my soul.
Track Name: The Plague
Into the cave
buried in darkness
beyond the gates
an unseen suffering

worship of wandering ghosts

The timeless fountain
sweats bloody faults
the obsidian cavern
is filled with bones

plagues consume their flesh

A sacred rite
an ancient creed
the darkness comes
with its earthly plagues.
Track Name: Cradle Of Insanity
Black clouds collapse
passing through lost cities
hiding shameful curses
covering unholy worlds

The highest shaman beholds
faithfuls running away
away from their violence
as well from their existence

Droning-horns resound
awakening the inhuman being
harming their eardrums
the mean fate is sealed

The cradle of insanity is
an unbearable grief
the final doom is reached
written by its own left hand.